Hi there! Whether you are a friend or friend to be, welcome to the site that is all things me. This is a pretty random blog, but for the time being will be focused on my reflections as Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania. A few of my favorite Mines professors used to ask us to introduce ourselves in the fashion of Location, Knowledge, and Desire on the first day of class and I loved hearing what my classmates had to say, but here is mine.


I have held many geographic locations in my life as my Dad was in the Coast Guard and my parents always encouraged my brothers and I to travel.

Love our Coastie Family!

My most recent location was Golden, Colorado at the Colorado School of Mines as an Environmental Engineering undergrad. My next location will be an entirely new and challenging adventure taking place in TANZANIA! As a Peace Corps Volunteer I will be teaching Secondary Math.


I believe that knowledge comes in many different forms, the lessons in an academic classroom, the people that inspire and influence you, and from landmark life events.

Low quality pic of high quality people, Mines Humanitarian Engineering

My academic learning and ability to thrive at the Colorado School of Mines is attributed to the professors and students in the Humanitarian Engineering Program and the Environmental Engineering Department.

The Grandmas

The list of people that have taught me the importance of kindness, empathy, compassion, humility, and grace is endless, like you know who you are and I am ever grateful to have you in my life, as I would not be the person I am today without you. I would like to acknowledge some the strongest women in my life; my mother Luci and grandmothers Betty and Yoko who helped me to understand my own strength, courage, and faith.

Landmark life events include some of the most joyous and painful times of my life. They offer space for my personal growth. While they can at times be difficult to embrace, I have learned it is necessary to experience them in full force and work through the pain or savor in the joy to grow the most and that it is okay if I am changed in the process, that I should not feel guilty about being different from the person I was before.


You may be wondering why on earth my website domain is “beautiful musk ox.” First, I love the show Parks and Recreation and more importantly I love the character of Leslie Knope and desire to be more like her. You can explore the many reasons to love Leslie here and here.

My top reasons are:

  1. She has her priorities straight (Friends, Waffles, then Work) and is a great friend
  2. She uses her career to elevate those around her and positively impact the Pawnee community
  3. She openly voices her opinions and stands strong in what she believes
  4. She has high expectations of herself
  5. She is very optimistic (people yelling angrily at her is simply “caring loudly” to her)


Secondly, I biked to the Musk Ox farm in Palmer, AK during my time as a Canvasser for the Alaska Center for the Environment (random, I know, even more random was that Alex Trebek was at one time one of their largest donors). Anyways, my time in Alaska taught me about the importance of taking care of our Earth and how powerful voices of constituents can be in politics and that we need to provide avenues and opportunities to listen to those voices.

Overall, I have the desire to use my knowledge, location, and privilege to engage, elevate, and learn from those around me in hopes of having a positive impact on the world. Whether, that is through engineering or another avenue I have not quite figured out yet! 

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