7 Reasons the Tanga Region is every California Girl’s Dream

Hello my people! We are officially past the halfway point of training and on the downhill. THIS THURSDAY we find out where in this beautiful country each of us will be spending the next two years! Training in the Tanga Region, with 58 other stellar individuals, has had many joys…and of course some frustrations. One thing in particular has become clear to me in the last 7 weeks.

The Tanga Region (and perhaps Tanzania as a country) is possibly every California girl’s dream.


Guacamole, avocado toast, eating avocados by the spoonful, avocados for dessert, avocado hair conditioner. You name it, but the Tanga region has avocados the size of your face sold on every corner it makes me feel at home.

2. Supporting local farmers is easy

Grocery stores are not really a thing here so you never have to feel guilty about deciding to shop at the grocery store instead of buying from local farmers :)))

3. Fresh Produce

Not only is it awesome buying local produce, but you can find delicious tomatoes, bananas, coconuts, mangos, watermelon, passion fruit, sweet potatoes, carrots and the list continues.

4. So Many Opportunities for Goat Yoga

There are goats everywhere so if you’re in the mood for a Vinyasa Flow with these cuties, just bring your mat!

5. Custom Wardrobe

You can visit any fabric shop in town and pick up some fun kitenge or konga and take the fabric to your local fundi to get measured and anything from skirts, shirts, and jumpsuits to curtains sewn (definitely getting custom overalls). If you don’t feel like waiting for your new outfit, you can visit the local market for some quick ‘thrift shopping.’

6. Coastal Mountains

Like California, Tanzania has both incredible coasts and mountain ranges. If only the mountains got snow in the winter so I could have brought my skis!

7. Chai Time

My favorite time of everyday! Chai time happens in between breakfast and lunch. Yes, it is true, that means brunch everyday. Usually chai tea and coffee are served with some yummy snacks and fruit.

Just wanted to share some of the reasons I’m loving Tanzania so far that I did not expect going into this. Last week we had some pretty heavy hitting training topics, so it was nice to take a minute and reflect. Cannot wait to tell you where my site will be so soon!

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