Pre-Departure Excitement & Jitters

As I come off a short month of quality time with the family, learning to play spike ball, enjoying  a weekend on elk lake, and laugh filled evenings, it is time to reflect on this next big adventure as I head to DC tomorrow to start my training. Packing and preparing mentally to live in Tanzania for 27 months was challenging in more ways than one.

First, while there was a packing list provided by the Peace Corps that I WAS VERY THANKFUL FOR, it took a lot of trust. For example, first on the Do Not Pack section of the packing list was peanut butter because it’s made locally and delicious! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER and what if, by chance there isn’t peanut butter in my area!? But, you have to trust it, otherwise you’ll never meet that two checked bag limit. Will keep you updated on the local peanut butter 🙂

Secondly, as much as I would love to take everything in my packing picture with me to TZ, I have to face the facts, Remington (my family’s golden) will not be coming along or visiting me in the next 27 months. Which makes you think about all the special people you won’t be seeing for a long time. I hope that they keep in touch and that we will cross paths in the future. I am very excited to make new lifelong friends in my cohort, community, and in country partnerships.


Finally, I have certain expectations for what being a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) will be like because I have given this a lot of thought, and what if it is not what I wanted it to? What if I do not feel fulfilled by it as I thought I would be? I still have so many questions as to where I will be living in Tanzania to where I will do my laundry. It’s like I so strongly think this is what I want to do, but have so many questions about what it will look like. So, I think the best thing about starting this adventure is getting answers to my many questions and hopefully it will become clearer just how much I will soon love being a PCV in TZ!

One thought on “Pre-Departure Excitement & Jitters

  1. I look forward to learning about Tanzania and hearing about your adventures and challenges. My incredible daughter, I am so proud of you. Great blog!


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