Leveling the Playing Field

They come out onto the field, singing of loss and grief. The songs appropriate for a funeral. Carrying a... bunch of tree branches? The Form 2 (second year) students have just beat teachers in a mpira (soccer) match. They are bringing the teachers their ‘coffin,’ celebrating their win as they march to collect their prize.... Continue Reading →


365 Days of Tanzania

Thats right everyone, it has been a full year since my cohort and I stepped off that plane and into an adventure where most everything was unfamiliar, new, and exciting. During my visit back to America some asked, “You really like it there?” Yes, if I didn't, would I still be here? Actually I probably... Continue Reading →


It's Friday evening and I find myself sitting in Joyce's house with her and her Bibi (grandma) cooking a dinner of ugali with a side of vegetables and beans. Joyce is a Form IV student at the Secondary School I teach physics at (she is the Tanzanian equivalent to a senior in high school). I... Continue Reading →

Skirts Green Skirts

I had planned for my next post to be about being a tourist for two weeks during the December holiday. But, you can Google and read any travel post about Zanzibar and Mafia island to know that they are great places to visit and explore with the best of friends. Especially, if you want to... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Spice Ugali

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and oh me oh my do I feel a twinge of homesickness thinking about opening day for skiing, anything and everything pumpkin flavored from Trader Joe's, driving into the mountains to go leaf peeping for aspens, and the best holiday of all THANKSGIVING.I do not support the... Continue Reading →

3 Months of Intention

As I settle into my new home in Mbeya for the next two years (don't worry Peace Corps Cribs video soon to come) I've taken some time to reflect about what I want my first 3 months at site to look like.3 months because in early December, I get to meet back up with my... Continue Reading →

The Danger of a Single Story

It is my hope to give an honest and real account of my personal Peace Corps Tanzania experience. This is important to acknowledge, as whenever you are reading someone else's story, what they choose to reveal is often only pieces of the experience and it is completely subjective to them and their perspective. The stories... Continue Reading →

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